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[91] I Just Wanna Be Happy

I'm feeling kinda upset at the moment, for some reasons which I couldn't share publicly on the net. So, I decided to blog on something I like and enjoy, something that makes me happy. It's American Idol time again!!! *Not again....* Bare with me, ok??

It has been more than a week since the finale of American Idol season 9. And with Project Runway, which is another reality show that I like, replacing it's airtime on 8TV, I figure out it would be the best time to blog on some of the best moments of American Idol season 9 from my perspective.

5th: Didi Benami performing "Terrified" during Hollywood week.
Reason: Didi stood out the most during that period. She was in a class of her own.

4th: Siobhan Magnus performing "When You Believe" during Top 7 Inspirational Song week.
Reason: Siobhan left her high shrieking voice aside and worked one of my favourite song out. Although harshly criticised by the judges during live performance, the studio version of the song was heartfelt and emotional.

3rd: Crystal Bowersox performing "People Get Ready" during the same week.
Reason: Crystal burst into tears singing this song, and if I'm not wrong, it's the first time any contestant teared out during performance. She even got complimented for that outstanding performance.

2nd: Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox's "Falling Slowly" duet during Top 4 Songs From The Movies week
Reason: The song was flawlessly performed!!! It sounded so well, that I barely can forget how it was like. The live performance was like something from the radio, as quoted by one of the judges.

1st: Past Idols' "Together We Are One" in tribute to Simon Cowell's farewell
Reason: Reuniting alumni of American Idol showing the world how life-changing the show could be, even if it means getting harshly beaten up by the words of a Brit, with the perfect choice of song and the perfect outfits, this I really can't forget!!

I don't expect anyone to read the whole thing, watched all the videos, agreeing with me and eventually leaving a comment. I just want to think of happy thoughts and continue my life. I will be impervious to all the bad things that happen or happened and not letting them impinge on my daily life. They will not be my undoing, and will not thwart me from achieving my goals.