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Happy Happy CNY!!!!!

Well, this post marks the start of February, the month for celebration with loved ones. In 2 days time, it'll be the Lunar New Year, and not long after that, Valentines' Day!!! I'm not emphasising on Valentines' though... I'm single and AVAILABLE~~~~ (you might have figured this out on your own....)

Celebration in Central Square, JB

Anyway, I'll be traveling back to my hometown - Ipoh - in a few hours time... It has been lotsa fun studying and celebrating the Lunar New Year here with the international students and my friends here in NUS through collaborating with Office of Student Affairs to organise "One New Year - Made in Asia", but this is the time for reuniting with family members... And I don't wish to break this tradition!!!

MSL VP - Keith Ma aka 馬少...
... and his goldfishes~~~
Goat/Ram - My chinese Zodiac.. I wrote this on my own~~~
I can just imagine this Lunar New Year to be the same as it used to be.... Visitations, cookies (a variety of them!!!!!), Mandarin oranges, big meals, Ba Gua (Dried BBQ Meat), mahjong, poker cards (does not imply gambling!!!!)... Ah... All the good times!!!! Maybe there'll be some studying this time, but who cares!!! As long I'll have fun~~~~

Hmmm.... Did I miss out anything??? Oh ya... WISHES!!!!!

This is actually a painting created by glue, chalk powder and white paint upside down during the event in NUS by our Malaysian student performers
Wishing everyone 


Thanks Sally for writing my name~~~