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[41] The Truth

A great video for everyone...

I dunno how many of you have watched this before...


It's simply ENCOURAGING!!!

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Hi, great food for thought!
Cheers and do keep in touch!
Btw, $mile with G edi :)
Do drop by when u r online, tks!


Ideas are good, but it's far from the truth. God does not exist.


iriene: thx for dropping by... hope u enjoyed...

anonymous: it's a matter of perception... what i can say is that we have different ways of thinking...
but it's better to feel and know God is looking on us... And with God... we can do a lot more than we usually do...


Hey good answer u gave anonymous :)
it is a matter of perception. and yes, with God we can do so so so so much more XD

a very thought provoking video.thx 4 sharing! :D


tammie: haha... u just have to believe... it's that simple!!! we may be of different religion... we worship differently... but the aim is still one!!!


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