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[86] Blogging Once Again

I thought of resuming blogging on June instead of now, but I guess now would be the perfect time to do so. I've changed the template, if you haven't noticed, to a new, fresh, mysterious kind of look. Like it?? Hate it?? Just leave me a comment.

I've been quite busy for some time now. Busy working - both as a teacher and a driver. Busy going places - Penang, Penang again, then to Singapore - for interviews. Busy worrying about university entrance. However, all of those have finally passed: quitting my job in June, done with the interviews. Now, I'm a free man. 

Actually, I'm not that free after all!!! I have my own agenda for June. My top priority will be to enhance my English proficiency: grammar, vocabulary and communication. There will be zero doubt that I'll be leaving for Singapore soon, and it would be crucial for me to have a good foundation in English.

Sunset view from Penang Bridge

Sunset view from Butterworth Bus Station

Then, there would be the aim of losing some pounds and some inches. One thing that I realised from the trip to Singapore, is that people there are so FIT!!! You really can't see any overweight Singaporean guys there. The other reason that I wanna lose some weight is that I won't have much time to work out there, which means that I'll be back to my original size in no time. I just wanna look good and feel great.

Sunset view from Singapore

Preparing for a final class gathering will be the last of my agenda. Being gathered for one last time as a class before every individual leaves separately to pursue their dream course, will definitely be the perfect addition to our flawless memories as U6B1 '09. Time flies, and now it's time for the STARZ to shine - brightly and light up the dark. Here's a teaser for those who wanna know what's installed for our last gathering.

Can you guess what this is?

I guess that's enough for now, but be sure to come back for more. The next post will be a tribute to the finale of American Idol Season 9. Yup!! I'll be commenting a lot and recommending some of the best songs sang along the season. I just can't wait for the latest coronation song.

I think the scenes look really nice despite being captured using a phone. 
That's why I'm sharing them. hope you'll all like them.

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