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[87] CrystaLee Finale

Disclaimer: All contents are solely based on personal perception. There is ABSOLUTELY no intention to provoke anyone.

Everyone knows I'm a BIG American Idol fan. And coming to the end of the season, I guess that I am pretty delighted to see two of my foresaw top three battle it out for the title. Didi's early exit from the show seemed to be worthy after all, as it made way for a more competitive final performance.

The finale started off with the Contestant's Choice from past performances. *Oh ya, the CONTESTANTS!!* I bet all of you already know who they are, but it doesn't hurt to mention them once again. Both are 24 years of age and auditioned in Chicago, where Shania Twain guest-judged. One is a paint shop clerk and self-produced two albums prior to the show, and the other, a musician and a mom for a lucky baby. *Imagine yourself telling your friends, "My mom was on AMERICAN IDOL!!"* I guess they need no further introduction, here you are, the top 2 finalists.

Crytal BowersoxLee Dewyze

Let's go back to the Round 1: the Contestant's Choice:

Lee went first, and sang "The Boxer", in which he performed in the Top 7 show - inspirational song. I remembered clearly how the song was even before he opened his mouth. Who could ever forget that la-la-la-la-chorus which sounds like a lost-in-the-lyrics moment. But, Lee manage to start the show with a BANG!!

Then came Crystal with "Me and Bobby McGee", one of the Billboard number 1 hits (Top 11 show). The song didn't hang out long in my memories, but her mike stand did. That antique mike stand, apparently, made a few appearances before the finale. *How could I miss out on that?*

Round 1 goes to .......................................... Lee Dewyze.
Reason: The song was GLUE!!! I still can't get it out my head!!!

Round 2 was the executive producer Simon Fuller's time to choose songs for the to-be-American Idols:

Lee rocked the stage with "Everybody Hurts", which was like the perfect choice of song for his coarse-rocky voice. Although not as energetic as the first song, it showed Lee's maximum potential as a rock star.

Followed closely was Crystal with a dramatic "Black Velvet", which reminded of Siobhan Magnus' performances. The dark outfit, the high heels, the loud music and the high pitched voice. Yea, definitely Siobhan!! Anyway, Crystal did a pretty fantastic job with the song.

Round 2 goes to ................................Crystal Bowersox.
Reason: Simple!!! It was better than Lee's in every way!!

Last but not least, the long awaited, looked forward Coronation Song, written by.... Wait, Kara DioGuardi didn't lend a hand this time??? *Disappointed* Such a major setback to the show, as last year's coronation song "No Boundaries" was so heartfelt.

"Beautiful Day" provided Lee with a great chance of winning it all. The song was catchy, so catchy that I almost danced along with it. My body swayed along with the sort of electronic intro and when it went to the chorus, I was energized!!! Lee had a great time too with the on-stage band, walking to the audience in his bright red sneakers before finishing it with the mike stand at the center of the stage.

But, it was Crystal which owned the night with an emotional "Up To The Mountains". She didn't do much with her body, but her vocals pierced through the hearts of all that was listening. It did sounded a little soporific, but if you listen close to the lyrics, they are magnificent!!!

The tie-breaker goes to  
.......................................................Crystal Bowersox.
Reason: She's authentic!! She's real!!

Ok, so you had it from me. Satisfied? Crystal definitely had her night of glory, but Lee wasn't bad at all!! Both will be great addition to the music industry, but I'm still rooting for Lee. *I'm a Lee-fan.* Here are both the studio version for the coronation song.

This post is already way too long!!! Next up, the review on Simon's last American Idol appearance as a judge. You won't wanna miss it.

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