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[88] The End

American Idol Season 9 officially came to a close with the a great result show night. It was like the typical result show for the past eight years - top 12 performance, top 12 girls performance, top 12 guys performance, top 2 duet, plenty of guest artists and heaps of jokes. However, Simon's departure from the show made his last show on American Idol slightly interesting. Here's are some of the highlights of the Simon-tribute-reunion American Idol Season 9 "closing ceremony':

1) Let's start with the guest artists. Most of them were unknown to me, and their song didn't attracted much of my attention. But, those that were famous simply was a crowd pleaser. Bee Gees was awesome, singing one of the greatest hits ever "How Deep Is Your Love". Christina Aguilera's entry to the show made the show slightly dramatic, but indeed a great performance. Then came Crystal's duet with Alanis Morrisette, with two of Alanis' best songs, the performance was supreme. Lee performed Chicago's medley with Chicago themselves, and they rocked the stage!! Janet Jackson, well, let's say she was not one of my favourite artist. Though her versatile outfit did stand out!!

2) Past Idols returned to the stage where they were once crowned and triumphed upon their victory. Kris Allen's performed "The Truth", one of his best song from his self-titled debut album, and believe me, he deserved that win last season. Carrie Underwood was undoubtedly spectacular, as she always is. It's not the soft-gentle-side of Carrie, but she definitely did made an impression.

3) As Randy predicted, "Pants On The Ground" became a viral hit in the states. Performing live on the show was Larry Platt and an unexpected appearance from William Hung. *We all remember him, don't we?* The hip-hop song made the crowd stand on their feet, but not with their pants on the ground, although the dancers did make a bold move, showing their yellow stripped boxers.

4) Simon Cowell was what this show is all about, and it was shown clearly in his last night in American Idol. Throughout the show, there were slots for tribute to this self-proclaimed head judge, as he leaves the show to expand his own singing competition - X Factor - to America. Video clips showing Randy, Paula, Kara, Paula and not forgetting Simon's best friend on the show, Ryan's thoughts of Simon was hilarious in a way, but they were heartfelt. Dane Cook's "Simon Said" said it all!!! He was accompanied by the All American-Idol Rejects. Yup, those that were struck by the harsh words of THE Simon Cowell. The unforeseen appearance of "the-little one" Paula Abdul, with a short speech in tribute to Simon, made the jaws of all present drop. Who would have thought to see her back in a rose-pink dress.

The best part of the tribute, and of the night, was definitely the farewell song "Together We Are One" performed by past Idols, with the exception of David Cook. Joined by other Idol alumni Matt Giraud (Season 8), David Archuleta, Jason Castro (Season 7), Blake Lewis (Season 6), Ace Young and Elliott Yamin (Season 5) just to name a few, the song showcased how dreams were achieved and lives were changed throughout the pass 8 years, and now 9, of American Idol history. It was the right song at the right moment, the perfect choice.

5) Finally, the main point of the finale, the coronation of the new American Idol. The results for the pass few years, since season 5, had always been on the side of the dark horses - Taylor Hicks instead of Katherine McPhee, Jordin Sparks instead of Blake Lewis, David Cook instead of David Archuleta, Kris Allen instead of Adam Lambert - and it was no exception this year. Lee Dewyze is now the new reigning American Idol!!! Yeah!! Crystal's 2% defeat doesn't mean that she does not deserve the title, it's just mean that the road in front of her just got a little tougher. Both singers will be great addition to the music industry.

Lee is Dewyze choice!!!

Yikes, another long post!!! I can't control myself when it comes to American Idol. Anyway, the show's over for now, but it'll sure be back for next year. *I wonder who will be replacing Simon then.* I really hope to watch it next year in Singapore, despite having to cope for the strenuous studies there.

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