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[88] REJECTED!!!

I have a crucial announcement to make.

by Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Yup, it's as simple as this. It is simply ironic, since I was accepted into the Pharmacy course of National University of Singapore, which is a great honour and a chance of a lifetime. I do admit that I was shocked and stunned, and I thought with me being out of the picture, many of my friends would have better chances of getting in. But no... Only one got a place in Pharmacy.

Let's do some self re-evaluation: What is the main reason that I got rejected?

Possibility No. 1: I am too good for them.
They think that I have unlimited potential to expand my capabilities in better universities. If they were to accept me, it would be like trapping a lion in a cage. Call me cocky. Call me a show off. Call me sour grapes. Call me anything. I'm full of myself!!

Possibility No. 2: I failed in my interview.
I never had interview-luck before. Whenever there's an interview, I'll fail miserably. So far, I haven succeeded in any, and i do mean ANY, interviews yet!! With exception of being informally interviewed for my job, I had no chance at all against interviews.

Well, personally, I think Possibility No. 2 suits me better. I like to be humble and considerate. You see, being the TOP student, somehow, limits my chances to give advices. However, if you give me lame and destructive excuse, like some did, you'll get Possibility No. 1 from me. On your face, fellas!!!

Anyway, since I got the offer from NUS, there was no second thoughts on my head. "Just go for it!!!" I was lucky enough to get that offer others always dream about, and I wasn't going to waste it. Yup, LUCKY me!!! Why? I actually limited my application to NUS and local government universities for Pharmacy only. A lot of people was like "What? With your results you could easily get offers from local private and Hong Kong universities and colleges. You could even get into the Ivy League!!" 

To be honest, my family could barely afford to fund me to Singapore, let alone to Hong Kong and England. Given my circumstances, the best that I could hope for will be NUS, the only university in Singapore which offers Pharmacy. That's why I said, I was LUCKY

Limiting my options has always worked for me. In a way, it made me more focused and determined to anticipate upcoming challenges from the route that I've chosen. Mdm. Chee, my Form 6 Mathematics teacher, even complimented me for being so. 

Negatively speaking, you may say that I'm obstinate and I'm taking a risk which I could not bare with the repercussions. I try not to think of it in that way though. Negative thoughts always corrupts opportunities. 

Hopefully, it'll continue to bring me good prospects in the future.

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