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A Fresh Start - A New Beginning

It's been a while since I've last blogged, and to be honest, I kinda miss blogging for a while back then. I miss being able to write all my feelings out without being confronted by anyone in person. Maybe I'm just those timid guys that are not verbally expressive and hard to find a sense of belonging in any social circle.

Unfortunately, I couldn't commit to blogging last semester as it was crucial for me to adapt to the hectic lifestyle, both in and out of school, here in NUS. Having said so, I've pretty settled here in NUS, so comfortable that I feel a slight sense of reluctance to leave NUS for home back in Malaysia. 

Anyhow, it's a good thing that since I'm pretty much comfortable here, maybe I could resume my habit of blogging. Furthermore, with a less hectic timetable this sem (due to the fact that I cram everything on Mondays and Thursdays), I could probably make time for blogging after all. It's gonna be a long sem ahead!!

Yup!! This is how my Sem 2 timetable looks like (without choir practice!!!)...

So much for the long explanation, but I won't be blogging much today though since I have Terrible Thursday (T.T) tomorrow. This Friday, though, marks the beginning of a long series of my Year 1 Sem 1 life in NUS. Stay tuned for "Of NUS Year 1 Sem 1: An Overview".

But as for now, it's time for me to get rested and recharged... 

みんなおやすみなさい 。。。(Good night, everyone...)

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If you feel too busy, you are. Give yourself permission to be un-busy. Give yourself an hour or a day to simply be. Allow yourself the luxury of a small retreat. Allow your spirit time to be restored. Even God took a day of rest...
When r u coming back to Ipoh???


Well, you know me well enough to know that I wouldn't over-stressed myself, right? =)

Will be back in Ipoh on CNY eve.. then returning on the subsequent Sunday...


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