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Of NUS Year 1 Sem 1: An Overview

As promised, I'm gonna post an overview of my first semester in NUS. It's kinda hard to put everything into one post, since so much have happened. Many aspects of my life have changed - academics, co-curricular activities, relationships, ME, just to name a few. I'll break everything up and spill them bit by bit so that you readers get a better view on my life.

As a whole, though, life in NUS Year 1 Sem 1, for me, is an enlightenment - a wake-up call!!! Why?? Basically, I took everything with ease. I tried to ignore the high expectations from seniors and fellow coursemates... I tried not to stress myself too much... I tried to be as involved in co-curricular activities as I possibly could... I tried to help others as much as my personal capabilities could cater to.. I tried to do everything MY WAY!!!

But, at one point, I broke!!! I simply couldn't stand the pressure!!! I felt that what I'm striving for will never be achievable!!! I have sacrificed so much, just to reach the point of no return!!! I felt utterly helpless!! I broke out in tears, isolated myself from the outside world for the entire night, trying to figure things out, by myself.

"Was it worth it?? Being so far apart from my family and friends back home which I have grew so fond of?? I could have chosen to read Medic in Malaysia, become a doctor, surgeon or a professor. Why did I get myself into deep shit???!!! What was that that had driven me to choose this path???"

ME!!! It was my determination that had me going all this while.... The determination to strive for excellence.. The determination to challenge myself.. The determination to achieve whatever goal I set.. The determination to do everything my way... The determination to not regret any path that I've chosen on my own!!!

And knowing that changed everything once again. Since that day, I've decided to use Year 1 Sem 1 to set a baseline for the next 7 sems, knowing that each sem I'll put in more effort just to be better!!! Well, being average isn't such a bad thing at all right??? At least I know that I have plenty of space for improvements in the future...

I hope I didn't bore all of you~~~ Anyway, next to come: "OF NUS YEAR 1 SEM 1: ACADEMIA"... Most probably the main thing to talk about in NUS life....

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