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Well... This would probably be the first post that has nothing to do with my experience from last sem... And would also be the first thing I post on about this sem..

It was a great day to kickstart the ACTUAL beginning of the semester by having a field trip of our own (MSL) to MatRitchie, for KAYAKING (and for some, jungle trekking)!!!! Tutorial and lab sessions will start to take place from tomorrow onwards, and for those studying in NUS, you know how a LIVING HELL it can turn out to be!!!!

MacRitchie Reservoir Park is like the total opposite of NUS, or Singapore in general. You can never imagine such tranquility to exist in such a city of stone and steel. My first impression there, HOME!!!! Blue sky, calm waters, gentle winds... Everything adds up to an overwhelming feeling of belonging. Though the bus ride there was kinda long, it was all worthwhile to actually (and finally) escape from the fast moving pace in NUS!!!

Damn N-A-I-C-E!!!!
It was my first time kayaking (don't remind me of the incident back in Sec 1), and it was none other than fun. PURE FUN!!! Although I did get splashed a lot by the others for my lack of defense and of course offense to fight back, I wasn't the least happy to get wet. Perhaps what the others say was true. "Getting wet is part of KAYAKING!!!"

Lunch at Carl's Jr. (VivoCity) was another satisfaction of the day. The burger was worth every cent I paid for it... Not forgetting the best fries that I've ever had, and free-flow drinks!! The entire set actually suppressed my sense of hunger until now!!!!!


So far for my day out... It was full of fun and laughter... But nothing is as perfect as it seems... Someone actually told me this today... "You don't have a market, what gives you the right to say whether someone is beautiful or not?"

I know it's absurd... But, I did take this statement quite hard... Reason?? Perhaps self-conscience?? Or maybe it came from an important individual??? I don't really know... I wasn't pissed off that I was regarded as someone which others are not fond of, because I know that very well... I'm not tall, slim, fit, hunky, intelligent, smart, or what-so-ever a prince charming would look like... Neither am I sad for being single for the last 20 years of my life, as not all are blessed by the gift of marriage (or not being single in this case)...

I took it hard, because I realised that I've been teasing some of my friends since last sem.. I don't really know whether did they take those words that I've told them as light as I did.. Although they did seem to be the right things to say in those moments, and they did bring an abundance of laughter into the conversation, it all felt so wrong now... Maybe finally, I was able to feel what it would be like to be teased... IN PERSON!!!

Having said this, I'm not sure of whether to change or not... A less talkative me would sure make my presence less felt, but once I start talking, I will just be out of control.... Suddenly, everything feels like back in kindergarten: If I talk, I'll get taped on my mouth, if I don't, it's just not me anymore....

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